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So many great people and organizations abound to help you on your angel investing journey

Venture Capital Funds
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Angel Investor Education

Angel Capital Association 

The Angel Capital Association is launching a new research initiative and expanding educational programming to provide member angel investors and the startup community with additional resources for better investment outcomes.   


Founder Gym 

Their  vision is to establish an online training center that helps founders build successful startups. 


Reach Capital 

Reach Capital's intention is sustaining a VC firm that backs ed-tech startups focused on issues of access and opportunity in education. 


1863 Ventures

Their aim is to accelerate black and brown entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth, through rigorous leadership training and strategic market access. 


Outlander Labs

Their goal is to solve early-stage problems through hands-on company building with expert help. 


Her Capital

HerCapital was founded with the mission to empower women to become financially independent and to take control of their income. 


Venture Capital Funds

Serena Ventures  

Serena Ventures, LLC operates as a venture capital company. The Company focuses on investing in early stage companies. Serena Ventures serves customers in the State of Florida.

Black Angels Miami 

Black Angels Miami are seeking startup ideas that are truly ambitious. Beyond local, candidates must have their sights on having a global reach.  At the moment, they are focusing their efforts on matching tech startups with venture capitalists. 


Harlem Capital Partners 

Harlem  interests itself in early-stage minority startups. Something the firm’s investments have in common is that they aim to enhance financial, marketing, and operational experiences. 


Backstage Capital 

Backstage Capital is a VC fund that invests in fresh, new companies. One of its main components is highlighting the voices of founders that aren’t heard everyday.  


Base Ventures 

They encourage the idea of individuality by voicing that there is worse than being ordinary. It is currently a seed-stage fund that invests in technology companies. 


Diverse City Ventures 

The VC invests in technology-abled companies that have great potential for outsized returns.

Precursor Ventures 

Precursor Ventures invests in seed and early-stage consumer digital health, education, fintech, hardware, and SaaS companies. 


Impact America Fund 

A leading source of venture capital for entrepreneurs who are building tech-enabled businesses. They’re interested in companies that create a “more just and equitable future for low and moderate-income people in America.”  


Black Angel Tech Fund 

The Black Angel Tech Fund was founded by a group of Black entrepreneurs and angel investors. They have invested in black-owned startups such as OmniSpeech, a company that has founded a software program that enhances the sound quality of different communication platforms.

EchoVC Partners 

Its purpose is to invest in early-stage startups based in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. They have successfully invested in startups such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

New Voices Fund 

The $100 million Voices Fund was created “to empower women of color entrepreneurs to reach their full potential”. The fund invests in women of color who are launching startups, small business and community-focused enterprises who are need of capital to launch or scale.

Fearless Fund 

Fearless Fund “invests in women of color led businesses seeking pre-seed, seed level or series A financing”. Built by women of color for women of color 

Cleo Capital 

Kunst’s firm focuses on investing in female scouts who then use the funds to invest in promising companies.  


Leadout Capital

An early stage venture capital fund with a focus on backing “non-obvious”, resilient founders working on solving problems in overlooked and underserved markets.


Adapt Ventures 

Early-stage venture capital firm with a global mandate


Muse Capital

A seed stage fund that focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who are disrupting the consumer space.


Intelligent Impact

Their focus is on three big ideas: redesigning risk capital, incentivizing impact in deals and funds, and committing to communities through distributed ownership


The Venture Collective

TVC is a transformational, early-stage venture firm backed by world class entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Rouge Women's Fund

They invest in women-led companies and are inspired by entrepreneurs that reject the status quo, and who are driven by market traction.



They invest in world-class tech entrepreneurs solving problems faced by the emerging middle class in Latin America


500 Startups Latin America

They  invest in companies from different early-stage industries that use technology to be able to serve more customers or users in a scalable way.


Chloe Capital

They support women-led technology companies tackling the world’s climate crisis. Chloe Capital invests in women shaping clean energy future.


Five35 Ventures

They are committed to unlocking capital and growth opportunities for female-focused early stage African technology startups.


NextView Ventures

They invest in companies that use technology to drive a brighter collective future for everyday people. 


The Community Fund 

The Community Fund is an early-stage fund that invests in community-driven companies.


Borski Fund

Borski Fund is investing in companies that reduce the gender gap.


Citrine Angels

Citrine Angels is a membership group providing early-stage investment opportunities and education to female investors in the Washington DC Metro area 


Loud Capital 

LOUD offers a wide breadth of investment vehicles for accredited investors, ranging from early stage venture capital funds to receivables financing contracts to special purpose vehicles. 



Maveron is looking for founders with advantages in technology and data, a clear understanding of their customer, and the ability to balance a big vision with close attention to detail.



PearVC partners with entrepreneurs from day zero to build category defining companies.


non sibi ventures

non sibi ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in category defining U.S.-based technology startups led by underrepresented founders.


Ecosystem Builders

Women of Color Connecting

WOCCON is a program of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL) launched in 2019 to focus attention on utilizing relationship capital to build the capacity of women of color entrepreneurs to grow, scale, and exit.


Digital Undivided  

Using innovation to create system change by catalyzing economic growth for Black and Latinx communities through women entrepreneurs.  


Project Include 

A non-profit that uses data and advocacy to accelerate diversity and inclusion solutions in the tech industry.  



Their mission is to empower Black software engineers to help one another grow into industry leaders. 


Entrepreneur First 

They invest in individuals who have great potential, and give them the tools they need to succeed at an accelerated pace. They’ll back you before you have a team, and before you have an idea, based purely on your talent.



Their work directs how capital is formed and distributed to increase opportunities for Black and Latinx innovators.


The Fund

The Fund is in business to promote and facilitate the real estate practices of Fund Members in their protection of the public. 


City Lights Venture

Their areas of focus are safety & care, education, and environment. They invest early in impactful companies. 


Masawa Fund

Through a holistic investment approach, Masawa enhances financial returns with our unique focus on founder resilience, organizational health, and social impact maximization. 


Touch Down Ventures

Touchdown partners with leading corporations to manage their venture capital programs 


The Operator Collective

Their goal is to bring together as limited partners 100+ of tech's most sought-after operators, investors, and founders from diverse backgrounds to invest in and accelerate the next generation of b2b tech.


Steelsky Ventures

They invest in companies that improve access, care and outcomes in women's healthcare. 


Realist Ventures

They strategically invests in founders and ideas at the development, seed, and early stage of Saas, technology and software companies. They invest in companies that are capital efficient with realistic valuations of progress today and in the future. Their pragmatic approach aligns both founders and investors in a trajectory for optimal returns and success.

Boeing HorizonX Ventures

Boeing HorizonX applies its momentum to new business ventures to unlock the next generation of game-changing ideas, products, and markets. From investment capital to technology commercialization and market access, Boeing HorizonX turns new ideas and businesses into reality.


Skyview Ventures

Skyview Ventures invests in renewable energy markets across North America.  


Cultivian Sandbox 

Cultivian Sandbox Ventures was created to invest in innovative food and agriculture companies who are commercializing the necessary solutions and actively collaborating with strategic partners. 


Minority Entrepreneurship Institute

Minority Entrepreneurship Institute is a seed-stage impact investing fund that hosts annual pitch competitions for Black, LatinX, and Female Founders.

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Ecosystem Builders
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